Trip into the world of scale -1.73 Mandelbox rendered by QVisio on GPU (another video)
Go Clarke
QVisio is a 3D fractal renderer/explorer. QVisio 2.8 Tycho will be released ASAP. The key features of QVisio are:
  • over 30 3D/4D fractal formulas including Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, KIFS and quaternion fractals
  • ability to mix formulas for creating your own hybrid fractals
  • full GPU support, using OpenCL/CUDA APIs
  • full support for multiple CPU/core/thread
  • keyframe based video creation with direct to AVI output
  • OpenGL 3D scene preview (using marching cubes to visualize fractals)
  • post processing effects such as screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) or depth of field (DoF)
  • realistic ray-traced reflections and environmental mapping
  • practically unlimited size of renderings
  • equirectangular projection mode (for rendering 360/180 spherical panoramas)
  • object/background texturing with ability to use spherical panorama images for background
  • various methods for surface colorizing including palettes and user defined functions
  • support for rendering 3D stereo images/videos (anaglyphs)
  • it's (will be) totally free
  • many, many more...
got any questions? mail me: Darek Borkiewicz
And this is how it looks like :-)